Frontend Development Tips & Tricks

by Russell Heimlich (@kingkool68)

Throughtout my career as a web developer, I have picked up a few tricks in regard to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Hopefully these tips will come in handy in your own frontend development work.


  1. Start with Clean, Semantic Markup
  2. Put <blink> to Good Use
  3. Smarter Dummy Images
  4. Less-fussy IE conditionals
  5. Use a Reset Stylesheet
  6. <HTML> is the new <BODY>
  7. Ems are Friends
  8. Clearing Floats
  9. Good CSS Shorthand and Bad
  10. Create A CSS Style Guide
  11. CSS Should Read Like Phrases
  12. Build Up Your Print Stylesheet
  13. document.title debugging
  14. CSS up top, JavaScript at the bottom
  15. An <OL> Calendar
  16. Must Have Extensions
Russell Heimlich posing with his keyboard cat shirt.


Russell Heimlich is the sole web developer at the Pew Research Center. He has previously worked at U.S.News & World Report as well as interened for A List Apart.

Besides web development he enjoys photography, blogging, and wearing funny t-shirts.

He belongs to more social networks than you can shake a stick at so you can always get in touch!


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