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Mozilla Shows Off Firefox Mobile Interface

I stumbled across this Mobile Firefox Interface Concept video today over at Aza Raskin’s blog. Taking a cue from Apple’s iPhone, the Mozilla team envisions a browser controlled by finger gestures. But rather than just being able to zoom and “throw the page around” the mobile Firefox guys built an interface around simple actions. For instance, if you flick your finger slightly to the left a navigation sidebar appears revealing the back, forward, bookmark, and page info buttons.

The beauty of this design is it maximizes every pixel available on a tiny mobile screen for the content itself. The interface only appears when you need it and neatly tucks away when you don’t. Here is the full video to show these ideas in action:

I really like where this is going and wait in anticipation for the official release of Firefox mobile in the next year or two. For now though you can play around with the limited web demo.

Microsoft’s InkSeine Offers An Intuitive Tablet Interface

I was churning through my array of video podcasts this morning on my commute when I came across this 3 minute demo of InkSeine which stopped me dead in my tracks. InkSeine is a prototype ink application designed from the ground up to completely rethink how people interact with tablet computers. Gone are the menus that run across the top and instead are replaced with contextual gestures that can appear anywhere on the screen. Take a look at the video to see what I mean.

Technology like this would be really useful on a touch-screen mobile device, say maybe like an iPhone? At any rate it is interesting to see new interactions with a computer minus the mouse and keyboard.

Metro Takes A Peep At YouTube

The Washington D.C. Metrorail system is the second busiest public transit system in the U.S. But when it comes to producing viral videos, Metro is probably the second worst (this video is probably #1) as evidence by this little gem:

You’ve got to give the people working at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority some credit for reaching out to the people through their own medium, YouTube. Although I think people are passing it around for a good laugh at how cheesy it is and not on how informative it might be.

Bert And Ernie Rock Out

Who knew the duo could be so hardcore…

(via The Animation Show)

Doom Monsters Get Rick Rolled To Death

First, you should probably understand rickrolling.

Now check out this clever Doom mod which features a new weapon designed to rickroll the monsters to death.

You can download the .WAD file to do this yourself if you have ZDoom at

Interactive Drawing Game With Real Physics

This seems like something Nintendo should have come up with but Petri Purho of Klooni Games from Finland came up with an interesting game. You solve puzzles by drawing shapes on a screen. The goal is to get the ball to touch the star but the twist is the shapes you draw are affected by physics like gravity and collisions. Draw a fully enclosed shape and it will drop and bump into other shapes on the screen. The video below gives you a better idea of how it works.

Klooni Games is an experimental game play project where every month Petri comes up with some kind of experimental game. This is a great project to build fresh life in to the gaming world which has a habit of copycatting succesful titles instead of innovating.

Hopefully we will see more exciting things Petri comes up with in March, which just happens to be tomorrow.

Man Vs. Inanimate Object Championships

Here is a funny video from Matthew Vescovo of If it seems slightly familiar, Matthew did several station ID’s for MTV like The Life & Death of Bling Bling and Gay. Straight.

Raccoon Vs. Cat

For some reason this video makes me cackle out loud. The cat’s expression is priceless.

Freestyling Jelly Pastry

Bet you have never seen a jelly donut rap before.

“…you step up and try to waste me, man you just got your ass wasted by a pastry…”


Epic Skateboard Clips

A couple of days ago I saw a story on Digg featuring the introduction to Lakai Fully Flared.

As you can see it is compelling even to the non-skateboarding crowd and it got me thinking about all of the skateboard videos I used to watch. As an aspiring skateboard editor for most of my high school days, I studied a lot of skateboard videos and below are some of the most memorable parts.

Invisible Skateboarding

This part from the Girl video YEAH RIGHT! has caught a lot of interest because of how well the effect was done. The skaters used pure green boards and the camera had to do two exact passes in order to cleanly composite the two shots together sans wooden planks with wheels.

Ali Boulala from Flip’s Sorry

They say Alli is drunk more often than he is sober. After watching the things he throws himself into without a second thought you would probably agree. You certainly would need to be thoroughly hammered to attempt the 25 stair ollie at the end of his part in Sorry!. Makes you wonder just how his feet are still attached to his legs.

Bails From Toy Machine’s Welcome To Hell

This video is a classic. It came out in 1996 which is when I started skateboarding and there hasn’t been a fall section since that even come closes to this montage of cringe-inducing bails.

Jeremy Klein and Heath Kirchart from Birdhouse’s The End

These guys come up with crazy ideas and then go out and do them. Case in point is the clip below featuring the two using large signs and gas pumps as obstacles, all to the tune of “Under Pressure” by Queen.

Danny Way’s Mega Ramp from The DC Video

Tony Hawk might be the most popular skateboarder due to landing the 900 at the 1999 summer X-Games but Danny Way is known for jumping ramps that look like they came straight out of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater videogame. On June 12th, 2003, this guy broke two records in one run: the longest distance jump at 75 feet and the highest air at 23.5 feet. Lucky for us the cameras were rolling.

Rodney Mullen From Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke

Rodney Mullen is considered one of the most influential freestyle skaters in the history of the sport. Way back in 1994 he was pushing the creativity of skateboarding to the limits by doing things with his board that no one imagined as well as proving it was physically possible. Just look at all of the tricks he is credited with inventing. His part in Plan B’s Second Hand Smoke is considered a major influence to up and coming pros who would carry skateboarding to where it is today.

Note: The first half is from Second Hand Smoke while the second half is from Plan B’s Virtual Reality.

So there you have it, some of the most memorable moments in skateboard videos according to me. Do you agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments!