A Visit To Brookside Gardens

Man do I feel ignorant. I have been living in Glenmont for a year and half and it wasn’t until this past Sunday that I discovered one of the best gardens in Maryland is located right down the street from me. Kristina and I visited Brookside Gardens to scope out a possible wedding location. Brookside Gardens is Montgomery County’s incomparable, award-winning 50-acre public display garden situated within Wheaton Regional Park and a mere mile and a half from my apartment. We spent the afternoon wandering around the mile-long trail and looking at flowers and wildlife.

A group of geese by the pond.

The geese were particularly friendly allowing us to walk right up to them to take pictures. I was worried they would flip out at any second and start chasing Kristina and I but they kept their cool although on high alert when we were around.

Three turtles playing in the water.

The Japanese Tea House provided a great view for a swarm of turtles swimming in the pond. There must have been at least 25 of the shelled- amphibians clustered around.

Two turtles laying on a rock by a pond.

Kristina even got a shot of the turtles soaking up the sun.

Kristina and Russell sitting in a log

Kristina and I also found a great new home. How roomy.

Russell gesturing to a statue of a frog reading on a bench.

Inside the visitor center was this statue of a frog reading. I gave him a few tips.

In the end we found Brookside Gardens didn’t quite meet our needs for a wedding venue but we had a wonderful day anyways. In the future, when the weather get cooler, I hope to take my macro lens out to photograph the bugs and flowers. The pictures in this post were taken by Kristina with her Sony T300.

Animals On The Appalachian Trail

Scientists from the Smithsonian Institution used motion sensitive cameras to capture the wildlife along the Appalachian Trail near Shenandoah National Park, Virginia. The goal of the project is to document animal traffic on the nearly 600 mile stretch of the 2,175 mile trail that runs from Georgia to Maine.

Curious deer caught in the flash

Most of the pictures were taken at night due to human traffic during the day. Animals depicted
vary between black bear, deer, coyotes, and even a rare Bobcat. It is awesome to see local wildlife captured in their natural settings along a trail I hiked as a kid.

See the Washington Post photo gallery, ‘Animals at Night‘ or read more about it.

(via Dad)