A List Of Weird Song-Site Memes

trololololololololololo.com has been making the rounds around Twitter the past couple days. The site shows a Russian man singing a cheery song in what I assume to be Russian. How could you not listen to it over and over? Justin Erik Halldór Smith has a good write-up about the background of this video on his blog if you want to read all about its history.

Seeing this site reminded me of a few other wacky-song memes that made their way across the Internet. If you like trololololololololololo.com, you’ll like these similiar sites. All of them are songs and most of them loop infinitely. Enjoy!









http://www.getonmyhorse.com/ & http://shutupwomangetonmyhorse.com/


All of these sites descend from badgerbadgerbadger.com which first launched in September, 2003.

Hippie Weirdo Yoga Farmers

Probably the strangest clip I’ve seen in a good while. If this actually aired somewhere, my guess would be Canada… or California public access. Kudos for doing yoga in those tight jeans though.

For Sale: One Interesting House

When I was in elementary and middle school I would walk to and from school. And everyday I would pass this unusual, dome-shaped house hidden away in a drove a trees. Apparently it is up for sale.

Exterior of 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Garage view of 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Besides the odd shape, all of the windows are triangular making it a nightmare for buying curtains and blinds. The ceiling also appears to have fuzzy carpeting on it.

Triangular windows at 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Fuzzy ceilings at 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

If I owned it I would paint it orange like a pumpkin with a green chimney for a stalk. But considering how small it seems, the asking price is $475,000 ($45,000 less than the original asking price.) You can see all the details on the Redfin listing or the slideshow.

Christopher Walken Building A Robot In His Garage

Lazy Sunday Afternoon by Brandon Bird features Christopher Walken building a humanoid robot in his garage, presumably on a Sunday afternoon.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I really like the quirkiness of Brandon’s paintings. Most of them feature celebrities in odd situations like The Anguish featuring Michael Landon in a stream holding a squid. Or one of my other favorites, No One Wants To Play SEGA with Harrison Ford, showing the popular action movie star holding a Sega Genesis looking on at two kids playing Nintendo, ignoring him.

NO One Wants to play Sega With Harrison Ford

Prints of the paintings are available in different sizes and in some cases the original is even for sale. Check out the rest of Brandon’s funny paintings.

Man With Balloons In His Pants

Man with balloon in pants by Richard Hogg

by Richard Hogg. See more of his work here.