Some Mean Thunderstorms In The DC Area

Today has been an interesting weather day. I was awoken at 6am by one loud thunderclap followed by several long, low rumbles. Everything was fine on my way into work and the sun even came out during the day. But near the end of the day, I looked out the window and saw it was ominously dark. So naturally I decided to venture outside and take some pictures on my phone.

Ominous Dark Clouds Over Georgetown

Scary Clouds Over Georgetown

You can see how strong these storms were by looking at the radar. So I decided to hunker down at work until the thunder died down.


Of course the Metro was all kinds of backed up. Go figure. Hopefully tomorrow will be less stormy.

BarCamp DC 2 Is Coming

It seems like just yesterday I was telling you guys about SocialDevCamp East. But the other day I got word that the 2nd DC area BarCamp is happening on Saturday, October 18th. This time it will be at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University in Georgetown. Why there is a Boston University in DC is beyond me. But lucky for me, the conference is right across the street from my work so I’ll be familiar with the area.

Last year’s BarCamp was the first technology conference I had ever been to and I had a great time meeting other like-minded web folks like myself. I gave a presentation about Firebug which was pretty much by the seat of my pants. This time I hope to present again except this time around I will come better prepared.

I hope to see you there on October 18th for BarCamp DC 2! More details can be found at the official website and wiki.


Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University
1055 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

If Guns Kill People… Do Pens Misspell Words?

Today the supreme court overruled the 1976 Washington DC gun ban in a 5-4 vote. But other than the fact that a bullet proof vest might be a good investment for my daily commute, this isn’t the interesting part of the story. The best part of todays decision was the odd protest sign that made the homepage of two major online news sites.

Check out this screengrab of the CNN homepage today.

Gun Ban Sign

and then this capture of the U.S.News & World Report homepage a few minutes later.

Gun Ban Sign

I can’t decide what is more stupid: the statement “If Guns Kill People… Do Pens Misspell Words?” or the guys face in the first picture.