A Black Tie For Web Geeks

Kristina got me some ties from cyberoptix.com for Valentines Day. My favorite one is this black tie for web nerds which reads #000000. For those not in the know, #000000 is the hexadecimal representation of the color black familiar to any web designer.

The octopus sucker tie is pretty rad too!

Valentines Day 2008: Unwrapped

Photographing the unboxing of a product is a big deal in the blogosphere. Kristina must have picked up on this fact because this year for Valentines Day she wanted to take a picture of me opening every single gift that she gave to me.

All of the presents laid out
The Goods. All lined up and ready to be unwrapped. I really liked the alligator box which required me to rip out it’s teeth in order to open it.