Digg Bing Logo Mashup

typophile.com had a type battle for members to design a new logotype for digg.User aluminum posted this fine Bing version of the digg logo.

It’s a clever idea since both brands are 4 letters and the second letter is an “i”.

(via dburka, the creator of the digg logo)

A Selection Of Free Fonts

I’ve been thinking about redoing my personal brand with a new site design, a new logo, and a whole new Russell Heimlich. Design isn’t exactly my strong suit, or maybe your hardest client is yourself, but this could be a long process. So my first step is to do lots and lots of research including perusing some fonts. Below are some of the more interesting ones I’ve found.

3dumb font russell heimlich

3Dumb & 2Dumb – A hand-drawn 2d and 3d block letter san-serif font. It kinda reminds me of the movie Juno.

lefty dave font russell heimlich

Lefty Dave – Another hand-drawn font but this one looks just like the writing from a lefty which, as a southpaw myself, attracted me to it.

zitti font russell heimlich

Zitti – A rounded font with no counters (the empty space in R’s, D’s, and O’s).

jabjai font russell heimlich

Jabjai – Another cartoony, 3D block letter font. Only uppercase letters available.

val font

Val – A big fluffy-like-a-cloud font.

None of these really say me, but I thought they were interesting and worth sharing. I hope to make another update about my personal redesign after this weekend  when I work on this some more.

Veer’s Top 10 Typefaces For 2008

I got an e-mail from Veer.com, distributes of fine fonts, today celebrating their picks for the top 10 typefaces of 2008. I really like their first pick, Calgary Script, with it’s curvy strokes that create a retro feel that is so popular today.

Sample of Calgary Script typeface

The 5th typeface, Memoir, has the feel of Papyrus (which is a bad thing) due it’s rough edges. I kind of like it as a regular script typeface.

Sample of the Memoir Typeface

Guedel Script is kind of freaky. It reminds me of a Halloween dance.

A sample of the Guedel Script typeface

You can see the entire list on Veer’s blog.

2 Minute Design Experiment: RED Alert

RED Alert Typography Experiment

Just opened up Photoshop and banged out this little experiment. Nothing much too it.

Trajan Is The Default Movie Font

Font geeks really hate it when a particular typeface reaches the point of passé. Prime examples include Papyrus, Arial, Times New Roman, and the dreaded Comic Sans. Kirby Ferguson despises a font used in most of the big-time Hollywood movies, Trajan. Like Times New Roman is the default font for Microsoft Word, Trajan is the default font for movies. It never really hit me before until Kirby put a bunch of movie posters side-by-side where it became painfully obvious. Watch the video below for a better idea:

It’s bad enough that movie plot lines are lacking creativity and freshness, but does movie typography have to follow suit?