Meat Toaster Makes Steak Easier Than Toast

I love eating plain toast. It’s just like bread only warm and crispy. Probably the biggest advantage is how easy it is to pop two pieces of bread in the toaster and be done with it. If there was something like a toaster for steak, then I probably would eat it as much as I eat warm, crispy bread.

Ariete SteakHouse Grill

Luckily Ariete makes a product called the SteakHouse Grill which pretty much fills the fantasy of any lazy steak lover. Functioning pretty much like a George Foreman grill, the 2000 watt vertical cooker allows fat to drip out the bottom while cooking the meat on both sides. I don’t think the cooked meat pops-up when done but this shiny kitchen appliance is certainly more eye catching than that rusty old cooking pan.

Ariete SteakHouse Grill Inside

Ariete SteakHouse Grill Meats

This burly man toaster can be yours for the mere price of €150. Yowza! On second thought I think I’ll just have toast.

(via BrownPau, Boing Boing, and Appliancist)