Our Pumpkins Are Carved For Halloween

Roommates carving pumpkins for Halloween

Tonight the roommates and I carved our pumpkins for Halloween. We put out cut up paper bags on the dining room table and proceeded to extract the orange, stringy pumpkin guts. We each picked our own design and sat in silence for about an hour as we patiently cut out the pieces. They all came out great.

Four Carved Pumpkins

My pumpkin featured a portrait of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The template was made by Frank Jonen who made a 3D model to make sure it would work.

Oogie Boogie Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Carving

Need some help carving your own pumpkin this year? Check out these resources:

What does your pumpkin look like?

For Sale: One Interesting House

When I was in elementary and middle school I would walk to and from school. And everyday I would pass this unusual, dome-shaped house hidden away in a drove a trees. Apparently it is up for sale.

Exterior of 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Garage view of 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Besides the odd shape, all of the windows are triangular making it a nightmare for buying curtains and blinds. The ceiling also appears to have fuzzy carpeting on it.

Triangular windows at 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Fuzzy ceilings at 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

If I owned it I would paint it orange like a pumpkin with a green chimney for a stalk. But considering how small it seems, the asking price is $475,000 ($45,000 less than the original asking price.) You can see all the details on the Redfin listing or the slideshow.