DC Snowpocalypse Bury Meter

Everyone in the DC area is making a ruckus about the impending snowstorm of doom! Throughout the weekend I will measure how much snow has fallen here in Glenmont, MD, and track it via this silly picture of me.

The National Weather Service is calling for 20 – 30 inches of the white stuff so if we get 30″, then my entire photo will be completely white.

Saturday, 1:45am – 28 inches: While everyone is asleep, I’m out trudging around in snow. Ok, I’m sure this measurement is due to drifting but it’s consistent in both places that I have been measuring all day (a bush near my building and on the hood of my Rav-4). The Weather Channel just reported Columbia, MD, officially has 13.9″ of fallen snow. I’ll keep updating my image which will easily go out of the frame tomorrow.

The snow is coming up to my knee in low areas and my mid thigh in the deep spots. It keeps coming down at a strong, relentless pace. I like how dead-silent it is outside.

Friday, 11:30pm – 9 inches
Friday, 7:45pm – 3.75 inches
Friday, 3:30pm – 2 inches

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I Survived The 2009 Silver Spring Zombie Walk

Silver Spring Zombie Walk Poster

The 2nd annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk took place last night. Hundreds of people got dressed up in ghastly zombie outfits and proceeded to lurch from the Quary House Tavern to the AFI Theater for the 10pm showing of Shaun of the Dead. I ventured out among the crowd purely for the photo opportunities though I did wear my zombie shirt from Threadless underneath of my jacket to keep with the theme.

Throngs of zombies taking to the streets of Silver Spring, Maryland.

Traffic came to a stand still as the large group maneuvered through downtown Silver Spring. I’m sure most motorist didn’t mind gazing at the group of walking undead.

Zombie in search of brains and supporting death panels.

There were no two zombies alike and a wide range of ages. The participants would lunge at onlookers and bang against store windows all while moaning “Brraaaaaains!”

Bloody zombie giving me the evil eye.

Zombies carry outfitted-coordinated accessories.

Some of the costumes that stuck out at me (but I failed to get a photo of, luckily others did) were an Abraham Lincoln zombie, a Where’s Waldo zombie, and an MC zombie.

Zombie hanging from a tree.

Once everyone got to the theater, tickets for the 10pm showing were long gone. Lucky for them there was an 11:45 showing. I didn’t come for the movie so I didn’t mind. I got some good pictures under the bright lights of the AFI Theater.

Shaun of the Dead playing at the AFI Theater after the 2009 Silver Spring Zombie Walk

More of my photos can be found on

Of course there were copious numbers of cameras covering the festivities from every angle and medium. Below are links to other media coverage.

For Sale: One Interesting House

When I was in elementary and middle school I would walk to and from school. And everyday I would pass this unusual, dome-shaped house hidden away in a drove a trees. Apparently it is up for sale.

Exterior of 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Garage view of 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Besides the odd shape, all of the windows are triangular making it a nightmare for buying curtains and blinds. The ceiling also appears to have fuzzy carpeting on it.

Triangular windows at 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

Fuzzy ceilings at 10696 GRAELOCH Rd LAUREL, MD 20723

If I owned it I would paint it orange like a pumpkin with a green chimney for a stalk. But considering how small it seems, the asking price is $475,000 ($45,000 less than the original asking price.) You can see all the details on the Redfin listing or the slideshow.

FCA’s Annual Picnic

The Filipino Cultural Association, which Kristina is a part of (and therefore me too), had their annual end-of-year picnic this past Sunday. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day as there were no clouds in sight and the sun was out in full force. Maybe the sun was a little too forceful as I forgot to put sunblock on my arms and face which were burnt to a crisp.

A shot of the picnic from the hill.

Everyone met at Centennial Park, Maryland, for food and games. There were plenty of burgers, hot dogs, and hungry college students but our poor chef Casper couldn’t cook them fast enough on the tiny charcoal park grill.

Life size hot dog with ketchup makes you feel like you were actually there.
A life size hot dog with ketchup makes you feel like you were actually there.

Kristina put together a series of games dividing everyone up into 5 color “families”. The events included:

  • Balloon Toss – Passing a water balloon back and forth with a partner until there was only one team left. After each successful toss the teams would take a step back.
  • The Three Legged Race
  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Balloon Stomp – Where each team member had a balloon tied around their ankle as they tried to pop other peoples balloons.
  • An Obstacle Course/Race – Consisting of spinning around a bat 10 times, a human wheelbarrow race, and a mad dash carrying an egg on a spoon.

Preparing to catch a balloon.
Paolo prepares to catch a water-filled balloon.

Messy remnants were the only thing left of those Apple pies.Bits and pieces on his glasses were all that was left of Daryl’s Apple pie.

Racing to the finish line carrying an egg on a spoon.Jen races to the finish line carrying an egg on a spoon.

An FCA picnic wouldn’t be complete without a tug-of-war match between the upper classmen and the lower classmen. It is tradition for the upper classmen to win and immediately tie an underclassmen to a nearby tree. This year sure didn’t disappoint, all in good fun of course!

Upperclassmen vs. lowerclassmen in tug of war.
Upperclassmen vs. lowerclassmen in tug-o-war.

Tied up underclassman
They say it’s an honor to be tied to the tree.

At the end of the games everyone was too tired to care who won (it was the red team if you must know). Everyone had a good day out in the sun, laughing, having fun, and eating picnic food. This is Kristina’s last year in college so we probably won’t be back next year. Atleast we have these memories and the 495 pictures I took of the day, which was more fun for me than getting worked up over picnic games.

A shot of the whole FCA gang at the annual picnic 2008

See more pictures from the day.

Robbing Banks Isn’t Like The Movies

Bank Robbery For Dummies

The following is a brief synopsis of information reported to the Prince George’s County Police:

INCIDENT: Attempt Bank Robbery/Note
OCCURRED: February 29th at 12:40p.m.
LOCATION: 7406 Baltimore Avenue/Chevy Chase Bank
PGPD case #: 08-060-0765

On 02-29-08 @ 12:40p.m. the suspect entered the Chevy Chase Bank located at 7406 Baltimore Ave. College Park, MD.

The suspect approached the victim teller and passed a handwritten note to the victim. The victim advised that the note stated “$3000 NOW.” The victim advised that she acted confused by the suspects note and asked him for his account number. The suspect advised that he did not have one and in a low threatening tone stated “just give me the money.” The victim then asked the manager to come over and assist. The manager/witness came over to assist and asked the suspect some questions. The suspect then changed his story and advised that he wanted a cash advance. The suspect walked out of the bank and turned left, fleeing on foot.

(via Facebook Note by Matt Sinkiat)