Fix Loose Screws In Wood With A Match

This weekend my roommates ventured to a Linens-N-Things store for a going out of business sale. They ended up bringing home a Kitty Litter Hideaway cabinet. Why did they buy it? Who knows. Puck sure hasn’t taken to it unless there is a treat inside.

As they were putting the unit together they realized they made a mistake. The trouble with these cheap furniture pieces is they aren’t made for mistakes. By unscrewing the pieces from each other, the pre-drilled hole no longer gripped the screw. Luckily I learned this little screw-tightening trick from my dad. Take a match and break it off so it is even with the screw hole. When you screw the screw back in the wood the match tightens everything up. Great for these self-assembly furniture items.

match in screw hole

Russell The Movie Star

Kristina needed to make a movie for her Introductory Design class. Lucky for her she chose me as the star as my schedule just happened to be free! The movie also featured everyone’s favorite Puck the cat. I’m proud to be apart of one of the most suspenseful movies of the year. Check it out…

It took about a day to shoot all of the pictures and another full day of editing in Final Cut Express. Kristina scoured for sound effects and music in my impressive collection that I have built up over the years since I was in school. Hopefully she gets an “A” for her late night of editing, but if not, we still had fun making it even if it isn’t the most professional flick on the interwebs these days.