My Fresh Face Writeup For FullBleed

FullBleed, a web magazine published by the Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington, did an interview with me for their Fresh Face column. The aim is to showcase up and coming creative professionals and I feel honored to even be considered. It was a lot of fun to do and a big thanks goes out to Stephanie Hay, Corey Greeneltch, and Sean McCormick who took my photo. Go check it out!


Behind The Scenes Of Revision3’s Website

The people behind’s new look took a step into the limelight for the latest episode of the Revision3 Gazette.

Stephanie Chu, Mark Rebec and Ron Richards are the dedicated web team at Revision3 who have been laboring for months to bring the new to life and took some time out of their busy schedules to share with the Revision3 audience the answers to many burning questions.

They didn’t answer any of my burning questions as the three sat in front of a greenscreen with the new website scrolling in the background. If you agree with me that the new look is bland you will probably think the same thing about the 3-person team explaining the going-ons behind the browser.