YouTube Brings Choose-Your-Own Adventure Videos To The Web

NewTeeVee ran a post over the weekend about choose-your-own adventure videos on YouTube. The creators used the Video Annotation feature allowing them to place a link over a certain part of the video in order to string multiple clips together in a unique sequence. Through careful planning, an engaging, interactive experience can be created just like those old choose-your-own adventure books that were all the rage when you were a kid. Bboy Joker, a stop-motion animation film, is my favorite example of this genre.

Annotations make it possible to link multiple YouTube videos together creating interactive experiences.

I had a similiar idea for a DVD just before I went to college. I failed to act on it however due to the less than stellar experience navigating a DVD menu and the sheer idea of planning a comprehensive story with multiple plot branches. I’m more of a techno wizard than a storyteller. I vaguely remember reading about a professional DVD that pushed the boundaries of DVD interaction by including transparent cut-outs over live video so when you clicked one of them it would take you to a video glossary. I can’t seem to find the link, but it sounded like a ton of work just to author it back in the day.

Adding a bit of interactivity to video is better suited to the Internet, which is considered a lean-forward or engaging experience, as opposed to the traditional TV which is a lean-back or passive experience. While this format isn’t applicable to most of the videos published on the web, for the ones where it does work, it takes the experience to a whole new level.

Inspiration: The Perfect Use Of Flash

Mauricio Guimaraes is a web designer and illustrator from Brazil. His online portfolio at demonstrates this in a unique way by creating an immersible environment that shows off his world.

Mauricio Guimaraes’s Flash Website

It is not a very complex site, only having 4 sections in total, but it more than makes up for depth with rich visuals. The drawings are detailed, animations smooth, and overall is just down right fun to explore and poke around. Flash is the perfect medium for a site of this nature as the non-linear layout is hard to translate in HTML. Plus, Mauricio avoided many of the things that depress the user experience of a Flash site like music blaring, lengthy load times, and an non-interactive intro screen.

So if you are ever thinking about doing a pure Flash website, take a good hard look at your requirements and make sure the medium supports the desired user experience.

Interactive Drawing Game With Real Physics

This seems like something Nintendo should have come up with but Petri Purho of Klooni Games from Finland came up with an interesting game. You solve puzzles by drawing shapes on a screen. The goal is to get the ball to touch the star but the twist is the shapes you draw are affected by physics like gravity and collisions. Draw a fully enclosed shape and it will drop and bump into other shapes on the screen. The video below gives you a better idea of how it works.

Klooni Games is an experimental game play project where every month Petri comes up with some kind of experimental game. This is a great project to build fresh life in to the gaming world which has a habit of copycatting succesful titles instead of innovating.

Hopefully we will see more exciting things Petri comes up with in March, which just happens to be tomorrow.