A List Of Weird Song-Site Memes

trololololololololololo.com has been making the rounds around Twitter the past couple days. The site shows a Russian man singing a cheery song in what I assume to be Russian. How could you not listen to it over and over? Justin Erik Halldór Smith has a good write-up about the background of this video on his blog if you want to read all about its history.

Seeing this site reminded me of a few other wacky-song memes that made their way across the Internet. If you like trololololololololololo.com, you’ll like these similiar sites. All of them are songs and most of them loop infinitely. Enjoy!









http://www.getonmyhorse.com/ & http://shutupwomangetonmyhorse.com/


All of these sites descend from badgerbadgerbadger.com which first launched in September, 2003.

Raaarr! Gimmie 41% Of Your Income

Oh yea, I should probably start thinking about getting started with my tax preparation.

(via nataliedee)

High-end Crocodile Fashion

I imagine this is how high-end crocodiles would rock their sweaters.

Perhaps The Greatest T-Shirt Ever Made

Threadless.com, the user submitted/public chosen t-shirt store, is my favorite source for shirts. I’ve built up quite a collection over the years; 19 to be exact. But this shirt tops them all…

Three Keyboard Cat Moon T-shirt from Threadless.com

Now if you’re not up to date with the latest Internet meme’s you might be a bit perplexed right about now. Allow me to explain. This shirt is a combination of two viral Internet sensations.

The first is a YouTube video of a cat playing the electronic keyboard dubbed “Keyboard Cat

The video has nearly two-million views and has become even more popular by people splicing it to the end of blooper clips as if to “play” that person offstage after a goof or follie. These have become known as Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat videos and PlayHimOffKeyboardCat.com has the best collection of all of them.

The second meme in this shirt is from the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt

Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

The shirt became popular for it’s sarcastic reviews promoting the great things that have happened to the people who bought the shirt. Hundres of comments were posted like this one, making the shirt an Amazon best seller

“I admit it, I’m a ladies’ man. And when you put this shirt on a ladies’ man, it’s like giving an AK-47 to a ninja.”
– T. Huynh “photo bum”, Amazon reviewer

The shirt managed to get over 9,000 diggs and a dedicated song thanks to CollegeHumor.com.

So now you can see how that is one of the best t-shirts ever made. But this shirt also made history of it’s own by being the fastest trending t-shirt in Threadless.com’s 9 years of operation.

“This design was submitted, and before we even noticed we saw it start to trend on Reddit. We put it up for scoring and it started gathering up 5’s faster than we could ever imagine. Over just one weekend Three Keyboard Cat Moon accumulated more scores than any other design in 9 years of Threadless history and the highest average score to boot. We listened and put it up for sale immediately. This is the first time we’ve actually ended scoring early in favor of printing the design.”
– Jake Nickell, Threadless founder

The shirt is $20 and I just ordered mine using a gift certificate from a former colleague. Don’t be surprised if they sell out faster than the keyboard cat can play you off. Satirical irony FTW!

The Vendor Client Relationship In Real World Situations

Clients… gotta love them.

Twouble In The Twitterverse

If you’ve heard of Twitter and haven’t seen this video I pity you.

Now go follow me.

Contextual Advertising Misses The Mark

Advertising that uses an algorithm to determine what is relevant to the content can have it’s interesting side-effects. Take these three screenshots I have collected over the past couple of months for example.

Who would want a dying cat ringtone?
Who would want a dying cat ringtone anyway? Plus how did Google know that Puck was lying down playing dead?

Note: The election happened on November 4th, 3 months earlier.
Note: The election happened on November 4th, nearly 3 months earlier.

Download Mozilla Firefox 2 even though Firefox 3 was released.
A post about the release of Firefox 3 seems like a good place to advertise Firefox 2.

Browser Wars Graphic

This is certainly the most creative way to show the battle of the browsers in the Internet space.

Browser War Graphic

I stumbled upon this on fffound.com, my favorite source for random images that everyone is buzzing about. I have no idea where it came from but it is a little out of date with the lack of Google’s Chrome in the mix.

A Halloween Fit For A King

The roomies and I decided to throw a Halloween bash this year after carving our pumpkins. As hosts of the shin dig we knew we had to have the most elaborate costumes. Kristina spent all week sewing our King and Queen of Hearts costumes out of old clothes and fabric from the thrift store. You can read more about how she brought everything together at RussellandKristina.com but the results speak for themselves.

Russell and Kristina as the King and Queen of Hearts

Our roommates dressed up as a cop and a Mexican. Their costumes provided lots of laughs.

Jaime and Josh as a Cop and a Mexican

Our friend Pammy and Chris took the laid-back approach going as McCain and Palin via the Chicago Tribune campaign 2008 masks.

McCain and Palin Paper Masks

But by far the most interesting costume of the night went to Matt and Toni. At first we thought they were a yellow tear drop and a bear but later we realized they were pee and poop.

Pee and Poop Costume

We didn’t get any trick-or-treaters but we still had a great time hanging out, eating lots of candy, and playing a rousing game of Apples to Apples.

I Can Haz Cheezburger The Book

icanhazcheezburger Book


Translation (via txt2lol.com): The I Can Have Cheese Burger book is now available for purchase!

icanhascheezburger.com has taken the net by storm. Starting as a simple site to show off the cute, captioned, LOLcats the site has grown into firm part of popular culture. They opened a store at LOLmart.com and now they are even selling their own book. For a mere $8.00 at Amazon, a piece of LOLcat history can be yours. My co-worker Paulo even has a LOLcat of his own in the book.