How I Helped Get Two Co-Workers On TV

Paulo on Fox 5 News

My co-worker Paulo was on Fox 5’s News Edge at 11 last night. He shot some video of a large crowd at the Foggy Bottom metro station yesterday morning. For whatever reason two of the three escalators were stopped with the third going down. There were more people trying to go up and out of the station that a huge line formed as grumpy commuters trudged up the long flight of stairs. Some people even decided to go up against the moving escalator fighting the sparse crowd trying to enter.

With a little help from social networking and a lot more luck, Paulo’s footage made it onto the local news. Here is the chain of events:

  1. Paulo shoots the footage on his way to work.
  2. Paulo posts the footage to the DC-centric blog
  3. The story gets submitted to the social news site where I throw my support behind it and give it my vote.
  4. Stories that I digg get posted to my mini-feed on Facebook because I have linked my Digg and Facebook accounts together.
  5. The dugg story ends up in a friends news feed who happens to work at Fox 5.
  6. My friend IMs me thinking I shot the video but I forward him on to Paulo.
  7. Fox 5 sets up an interview with Paulo later that afternoon.

And this is the final result.

Another co-worker Mike Weinstein (guy in blue shirt) made a brief appearance in the video by simply showing up at the same time as Paulo’s interview. I had nothing to do with that one.

Be sure to check out Paulo’s take on all of this.

Facebook App Proves A-List Bloggers Are Better Than You

Comparing Web Celebrities

I added the popular Facebook application Compare People for shits and giggles. The basic premise, for those unfamiliar, is you compare two friends on random questions that range from “who is more tech-savvy” to “who would you rather sleep with.” Every now and then Compare People will send out an e-mail showing random facts from your social graph.

One such e-mail (copied below) proved that A-List-Internet-Web-Celebs are way better at everything than you will ever be.

This email was sent by Compare People. You can disable emails here.

Highest ranked in each category

* “Who is funnier”
1. Jeff Macpherson
2. Leo Laporte
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

* “Who is more creative”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

* “Who would I rather be trapped on a desert island with”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Danielle Cohen

* “Who is more famous”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

* “Who is more popular”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

Thanks for crushing my inner-geekdom self confidence Compare People.

Who are these people?
Leo Laporte – Is the founder and Chief TWiT at where he runs many podcasts including This Week In Tech.
Jeff Macpherson – Otherwise known as Dr. Tiki, is part of the trio behind TikiBarTV, a comedy show based on cocktails.
Jason McCabe Calacanis – Founder of Weblogs Inc. and now Mahalo, the human powered search engine.

Best Facebook Graffiti Ever

Lots of people have added the Graffiti application on Facebook allowing friends to draw a picture on their wall. Most Graffiti drawings look like they were drawn by a gifted and talented ardvark but sometimes real gems emerge. Like this one below:

Not only is it well done technically but conceptually it is brilliant! It was drawn by Bing Han on my friend Todd Rickert‘s wall. Todd Rickert? Why does that name sound familiar? Oh yea, he was the Man in Hot Dog Suit with Cash.