List Of Dummy Image Generators

Ordered by when the domain name was registered.

  1. (2007-07-20)
  2. (2010-01-26)
  3. (2010-02-03)
  4. (2010-02-04)
  5. (2010-02-04)
  6. (2010-11-22)
  7. (2011-01-14)
  8. (2011-03-01)
  9. (2011-03-05)
  10. (2011-03-07)
  11. (2011-03-23)
  12. (2011-04-11)

Other Dummy Image Generators that I couldn’t figure out when they were created

I’m glad inspired others to build a placeholder image service and expand upon my original idea. You can download my source code and do whatever you want with it.

Thanks to Web Resource Depot for the round-up where I first heard about many of these sites. Sees A Surge In Interest

Way back in August of 2007 I built a simple PHP tool that generates place-holder images at different size by simply changing the URL. The idea came to me when I was working on a redesign for I hated opening up Photoshop, creating a new document,  filling the background layer, and exporting for web just to make a simple placeholder image. That is why I made

I figured it would be useful to other people which is why I also released the complete source code, documented and including instructions for setting it up on your own server. But like most new things, few gave it any notice.

The other day my friend Charlie Park (founder of Pear Budget) found it when doing some in-browser wire-framing and sent out a tweet to all of his followers. But he didn’t stop there. Charlie also posted it to Hacker News, a simple news aggregator aimed at geeks. It was obvious that my little tool was resonating with other developers with the tagline “Lorem ipsom for images.” In 24 hours, the Hacker News story got 161 votes with 77 comments, 513 people bookmarked it on, and 337 tweets.

What really struck me was how was crossing the language barrier. I saw tweets mentioning in SpanishJapanese, Russian, German, Dutch, even Latvian. I’m glad my idea was simple enough that foreign speakers could easily pick it up without any translation help.

All of this sudden attention also produced helpful feedback and new feature ideas. I started working on an update this past December for a few additions I wanted to see but this recent surge of interest has lit a fire under my butt to continue developing. As is the nature of opensource software, people don’t have to wait for me; they can adapt the code to their own needs. Here are some iterations that have already been made:

And somewhere down the line I would like to give it an attractive homepage. Hooray for side projects!

Robbing Banks Isn’t Like The Movies

Bank Robbery For Dummies

The following is a brief synopsis of information reported to the Prince George’s County Police:

INCIDENT: Attempt Bank Robbery/Note
OCCURRED: February 29th at 12:40p.m.
LOCATION: 7406 Baltimore Avenue/Chevy Chase Bank
PGPD case #: 08-060-0765

On 02-29-08 @ 12:40p.m. the suspect entered the Chevy Chase Bank located at 7406 Baltimore Ave. College Park, MD.

The suspect approached the victim teller and passed a handwritten note to the victim. The victim advised that the note stated “$3000 NOW.” The victim advised that she acted confused by the suspects note and asked him for his account number. The suspect advised that he did not have one and in a low threatening tone stated “just give me the money.” The victim then asked the manager to come over and assist. The manager/witness came over to assist and asked the suspect some questions. The suspect then changed his story and advised that he wanted a cash advance. The suspect walked out of the bank and turned left, fleeing on foot.

(via Facebook Note by Matt Sinkiat)