Make A Podcast Out Of A YouTube Username

Have you ever wanted to get an RSS feed of portable media player ready video files from a specific YouTube user? Yea neither have I. But if I ever did, I now know where to go. makes a podcast feed straight from most YouTube users uploads. You just give it a username and it spits out a feed for iTunes, Zune, or other RSS catchers. The idea is clever and YouTube does all of the encoding on it’s end. transforms the publicly available RSS feed of a YouTube user and modifies the video URLs to get the MP4 version. Then it’s just a matter of forming the RSS feed using the other meta data. Screenshot

If you ever wanted to start a video podcast you could easily let YouTube host and distribute your files to your viewers now! I just need to find some good YouTube users to follow in order to take advantage of this handy tool.

Irony: MacBook Pro And A Zune

Irony:A MacbookPro and a Zune (closeup)

That’s right, I use a Zune with my MacBook Pro and it works just fine.

Irony:A MacbookPro and a Zune (wide)

A Masters Of Digital Media Degree?

While watching video podcasts on my hourlong commute to work this morning I saw a short interview with Gerri Sinclair, the executive director at The Great Northern Way Campus. Located in Vancouver, Canada, The Great Northern Campus offers a Masters degree in Digital Media backed by four leading academic institutions: University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University; Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Center for Digital Media - Campus

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media from the Art Institute of Philadelphia not too long ago. While A Masters in Digital Media has a nice ring to it, the courses sound rather hokey. Improvising Story and Character? Building Virtual Worlds? Classes grounded around real-world skills are more attractive to me. I don’t really see how this curriculum could prepare someone for the challenges and obstacles of digital media in the real world. Where’s the emphasis on up and coming web technologies? Online video distribution? Interface and usability design? These are the types of things I would like to advance in.

Digital media is still in it’s infancy and unlike the business, law, or medical fields, experience far outweighs any kind of degree. Plus technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it is a real challenge to nail down a curriculum that doesn’t become obsolete by the time students graduate.

(via On10)

XBMC Recruiting For Mac Port

The clever hackers that brought a media center platform to the original Xbox are at it again. Last May the group announced they were porting the Xbox media center platform to Linux and needed some help from other Linux developers. Now they are putting out a call for OS X developers to help port the software to the Apple operating system.

The original XBMC project brought photos, music, and videos from the PC to the TV. While not the easiest to set-up, I found XBMC to be the most flexible media center software I have ever dealt with. Since September of 2005, I have been watching all of my downloadable content like podcasts and webisodes from the comfort of my couch. Using a hacked Xbox and my home network I could easily stream standard definition content to my TV. Remember, there wasn’t a big boon of HD content available back then like there is now, not that the old Xbox hardware could handle the demand of even 720P video.

XBMC Windows Media Center Skin

So if you know a Mac geek that can do some C/C++ programming send them over to the XBMC guys. The more open-source media projects that are available to compete against Windows Media Center and Apple Tv/Front Row the better it will be for digital media as a whole. And this time around XBMC won’t need to be hacked together to get it working though a name change for the project might be necessary. Just imagine this thing running on an Apple Mini in your living room connected to an HDTV. Sweet!