My Stats From 2011

As we roll into another year I thought it would be a good time to look back on various stats I have collected over the past year. Hopefully I will continue to do this at the beginning of every year as a way to document how things progress over time.

  • I blogged here 9 times for a total of 3,208 words.

  • My blog was visited by 147,151 unique visitors generating 213,800 pageviews. Not bad considering I hardly update it anymore.
  • I scanned 454 receipts and spent at least $346.96 in sales tax.
  • Kristina and I fully funded our IRAs (including starting and fully funding her 2010 IRA at the beginning of 2011). We also contributed to our 401K’s at work and managed to put away some money for a down payment on a house.
  • We visited Paris and London this year.
  • I managed to give 5 presentations (slides) to various DC Tech groups.
  • Attended 7 conferences:
    1. UX Camp DC (1/8/2011)
    2. StartupXLR8R II (6/4 – 6/5/2011)
    3. Converge SE (6/24 – 6/25/2011)
    4. Mobile UX Camp DC (9/17/2011)
    5. Accessibility Camp DC (10/22/2011)
    6. An Event Apart DC (10/24 – 10/26/2011)
    7. WordCamp Philly (11/5 – 11/6/2011)
  • I took 5,589 pictures, 728 of those were star-worthy in Picasa.
  • I posted 111 mobile photos from my phone.
  • 8.61 gigabytes of data used by my Nexus One on T-Mobile.

  • My average weight in 2011 was 194.3. My lowest weight was 192.1 (6/8/2011) and my highest was 202.4 (1/1/2011), so I ended the year lower than when I started.

  • I spent 262 hours and 7 minutes in Dreamweaver writing code.
  • 159 hours and 28 minutes reading tweets, 15 hours and 24 minutes viewing Facebook, 6 hours and 4 minutes viewing Google+, and 5 minutes and 17 seconds viewing MySpace.
  • 124 hours and 53 minutes was lost to email: 83 hours and 37 minutes in Outlook for work, 58 hours and 52 minutes in Gmail.
  • 34 hours and 3 minutes searching Google.

Tools used to gather this data:

Here’s to a number-filled 2012!

Fuelfrog Lets You Track Gas Mileage Through Twitter

There are many web services and tools that can be used with Twitter. Such oddball web service/Twitter mashups include TrackThis which sends you a twitter message every time the status of a package you are tracking changes, and Timer which helps act like an alarm for things you need a reminder about. But I just stumbled across Fuelfrog which is one of the more useful collaborations.

Fuelfrog provides a simple service allowing you to track your cars mileage per gallon as well as the average price you pay at the pump. Using their website you enter 3 things: the miles you traveled since your last fill up, the price you paid per gallon, and the total number of gallons you bought. Fuelfrog will then tally your findings and provide you with some handy specifics over time. I only started using the tool today but the site will tell you the frequency you are filling up, the average MPG your car gets and the average price per gallon you are paying. In the future they hope to let you compare your performance to other vehicles to see how you are doing. helps you track your cars average MPG as well as what you pay at the pump.

This simple tool comes in handy for tracking the performance of your car. My parents used to do this manually by writing down the mileage from the trip odometer onto the gas receipt and do the number crunching later at home. But thanks to Twitter integration I can ditch the pen and paper and simply tweet my gas stats straight to Fuelfrog. After providing my twitter username (kingkool68) I can now send a tweet from my phone to @fuelfrog with the miles, price per gallon, and total purchase amount in that order. A handy nemonic is MPG – Miles, Price, Gallons. There is also a Windows Mobile app if you want to be lazy about it.

I’m going to be using this over the next couple of weeks to see if I notice any patterns about my fueling habits. At the very least I can look back and remember when gas used to only be $3.71 a gallon!

(via DownloadSquad)

Twittertale And Politweets: Two Twitter Mashups

Four local area DC Developers (Doug, Gabe, Jason, and Min) got together and created two excellent Twitter mashups that were released this week. weeds out public tweets that have swear words and then highlights them on their school room inspired site. It also keeps track of the top 5 naughty words as well as the users who indulge in the most sailor talk. As of this posting, @bumblebunny looks to be an interesting person to follow. As an extra twist, I think the swear words should be censored with *’s leaving the audience to guess what swear words were being used. takes the same concept from Twittertale but applied to U.S. Presidential candidates. The two major political parties are seperated out and the political candidates are ranked in the middle based on the number of mentions on Twitter. This is a neat way to extract data from such a large body of political commentary and the guys certainly nailed the design with a gorgeous yet simple layout.

I decided to contribute a tweet to both sites at the exact same time…

One Tweet To And