The Complete Illustrated ACME Catalog

Remember the ACME Corporation from those old Looney Toons cartoons? Well leave it up someone on the Internet with way too much time on their hands to catalog every occurrence of an ACME product in a cartoon, complete with screen grabs.

ACME Corporation - Makers of EVERYTHING!

So the next time you need to know where an ACME Strait-Jacket Ejecting Bazooka was used or what an ACME Ultimatum Dispatcher looks like, you know where to turn to. And surprisingly it’s not a Wikipedia article.

The Amazing Shitbox Header

I have no idea if these portable cardboard toilets are serious products or some sick joke but I got a kick out of the page design. Featured in Smashing Magazine’s Texture and Patterns Design Showcase, lured me in with their simple, to-the-point layout and Little Jack, the quirky mascot.

At any rate, working at The Brown Corporation must be the shit!