The Vendor Client Relationship In Real World Situations

Clients… gotta love them.

Who Needs A Movie Or Eye Catching Graphics?

Fred & Sharon from might have the time to help you with your next movie. Check out this convincing advert they put together:

And if you need some eye catching graphics take a look at Mark Chaffer’s work at

Oh brother, the Internet is full of weird people.

(via Dr. Tiki)

Man Vs. Inanimate Object Championships

Here is a funny video from Matthew Vescovo of If it seems slightly familiar, Matthew did several station ID’s for MTV like The Life & Death of Bling Bling and Gay. Straight.

Raccoon Vs. Cat

For some reason this video makes me cackle out loud. The cat’s expression is priceless.

Freestyling Jelly Pastry

Bet you have never seen a jelly donut rap before.

“…you step up and try to waste me, man you just got your ass wasted by a pastry…”