Astronaut In Bathroom


Painting by Scott Listfield who owns the awesome domain


A Bevy Of Homemade Christmas Gifts

Remember my request for hand-crafted dioramas as a Christmas gift this year? Well my friend Pammy was the only one to follow through.

She constructed this awesome LOLcat Christmas diorama. The cats came from post cards and the rest was made by Pammy herself. This will remain on display for years to come.

Lolcat Diorama made by Pammy Smith

Kristina was also in the crafting mood for my Christmas gift. When she was browsing through the Paper Source store one day she stumbled upon robot wrapping paper (and Kristina knows how much I love robots). She carefully cut out three of the robots, glued them to colorful paper, and framed them in stylish square frames. They now hang above our closet.

Three robot art photos made by Kristina

Close-up shot of the orange robot photoart.

With all of the talk about how bad the economy was during this holiday season it was nice to receive a few handcrafted gifts. They were better than anything that could have been bought in a store. Plus, the gift-givers noted how much fun they were too make!

Best Facebook Graffiti Ever

Lots of people have added the Graffiti application on Facebook allowing friends to draw a picture on their wall. Most Graffiti drawings look like they were drawn by a gifted and talented ardvark but sometimes real gems emerge. Like this one below:

Not only is it well done technically but conceptually it is brilliant! It was drawn by Bing Han on my friend Todd Rickert‘s wall. Todd Rickert? Why does that name sound familiar? Oh yea, he was the Man in Hot Dog Suit with Cash.

Using A Skateboard To Control Music

Who would think to strap a MIDI controller to a skateboard? Apparently new media artist Simon Morris did with his project Musique Concrete which aims to “explore sound and the urban landscape through the movements on a skateboard.”

The Musical Skateboard Set-up

This is how it works according to the site:

Mounted underneath the skateboard is an interface which transmits data wirelessly to a laptop computer. Physical actions are detected using three sensors connected to the interface. Acceleration, turns and vibration are monitored by a photoresistor, a flex sensor and piezo sensor respectively. Using the MIDI protocol, a software program enables the skateboarder to control and modify real-time sounds directly from the skateboard.

There are a couple of videos showing the set-up in action but the results aren’t really music, more like a cross between a machine gun and a jack-hammer. It is still a cool idea nonetheless.

Christopher Walken Building A Robot In His Garage

Lazy Sunday Afternoon by Brandon Bird features Christopher Walken building a humanoid robot in his garage, presumably on a Sunday afternoon.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I really like the quirkiness of Brandon’s paintings. Most of them feature celebrities in odd situations like The Anguish featuring Michael Landon in a stream holding a squid. Or one of my other favorites, No One Wants To Play SEGA with Harrison Ford, showing the popular action movie star holding a Sega Genesis looking on at two kids playing Nintendo, ignoring him.

NO One Wants to play Sega With Harrison Ford

Prints of the paintings are available in different sizes and in some cases the original is even for sale. Check out the rest of Brandon’s funny paintings.

Presents Opening Children

Presents Opening Children by Rob Sheridan

by Rob-Sheridan. A wallpaper version is also available. His painting titled Cereal Mascot Reunion is also worth a look.

Man With Balloons In His Pants

Man with balloon in pants by Richard Hogg

by Richard Hogg. See more of his work here.

Two Flickr Photographers To Watch

Thanks to the Flickr Interestingness widget on my Netvibes page, I stumbled across two Flickr members with gorgeous work.

First up is Sakura who does a lot of floral macro work. What really makes her photos stand out is the bright, vibrant colors that are usually blurred into the background. She sells prints of her photos at Imagekind.

Lady Bug on Flower

Red flower on blue background

Spring Sprung


Time To Go Home

Ajisai Blue

Next I stumbled upon JayJuice who drew me in with her pictures of minimalistic urban landscapes. I love how she can find beauty in an everyday scene. Prints from JayJuice are available at Red Bubble.

Yellow Squares, Black Light

Silver Light, Blue Wall


Grungey Wall

Industrial Wall with Wires

Yellow Railing, Gray Wall

If you are looking for photographic inspiration, take a look at the rest of the galleries these two offer on Flickr.

Inspiration: Scrapzilla By Andy Council

Stumbled upon Andy Council’s portfolio today where I saw this…

Scrapzilla by Andy Council

The title is Scrapzilla, appropriately enough. He has other similar pieces like Rail Rooster and Junk Robot.

Andy has lots of other intricate illustrations in his complete portfolio. It blows my mind how someone can think up something like this.

(via DesignFlavr)

A Design A Day Everyday In 2008

Daily Design Workout

With every New Year comes new resolutions. Jonas Buntenbruch is a designer with a pretty hefty goal for 2008. Jonas will complete and post a new design everyday for 366 days straight (remember it’s a leap year). He set a time limit of 30 – 60 minutes for each day’s design and mediums can range from “scrap and sketches to photos, typographic experiments and random creative masturbation.” It is pretty much like an online sketchbook, open for all to see and comment on. I especially like his January 5th photomanipulation pictured below.

January 5th Photomanipulation By Jonas Buntenbruch

Good luck Jonas, I hope you make it through the whole year!