My Favorite Twitter Client, Nambu, Is Dead!

In a sea of desktop Twitter clients, Nambu for the Mac stood out to me. It was a native OSX application which means it wasn’t written on top of a bloated, cross-platform platform like Adobe Air. It performed splendidly while not hogging system resources.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. I randomly stumbled across the Nambu homepage and saw this message:

Unfortunately, we are sad to announce that Nambu is no longer being actively developed. There will be no more updates, as everyone on the Nambu team has moved on to other projects.

We would like to thank everyone for their past support and suggestions.

All the best.

Apparently they put this up in the middle of March. Nambu is still available for download (and still works for that matter) but I expect to see it crap out in a spectacular fashion some day down the line. What are some of your favorite Twitter apps for the desktop?

City Caller ID Android App Is No More

One of my favorite Android apps, City Caller ID, is no more today. The simple app displayed the city and state of the incoming phone number when you receive a call. Apparently the technology for displaying this information is patented by Cequint who has sued the developer of the free app. At first the developer was asking for help with donations and legal advice, but as of Saturday night, he has given up.

I can’t believe something like this can even be patented! From a programming perspective, it’s a fairly simple app. All of the area code data can be found on a site like When you get a call on your phone, a program can pull the first 3 digits and do a simple lookup for what state the phone number is issued in. It looks like no one will have the chance to download the app now, but I wonder what will happen to those lucky few like me who have already downloaded it?

I don’t think this will be the last Android city/state app for incoming calls as a Cequint employee introduced himself on an Android forum. Something must be up.

Picasa For The Mac Finally Available

I just read over on Techcrunch that Picasa for the Mac is finally ready. You can get it at I wrote about the rumors of Picasa on the Mac 10 days short of a year ago. The Mac version is nearly identical to it’s PC counterpart, interface and all. Check out the overview video embedded below.

One of the main reasons I like Picasa over iPhoto, the free photo program that comes with every new Mac, is Picasa keeps your folders in tact not forcing you to keep your library in a specific hierarchy. Plus, I find Picasa more intuitive and easy to use.

Picasa 3 for Mac Screenshot

Now I just need to figure out how to sync my photo library and information between my Mac and PC instances of Picasa.

If you haven’t tried Picasa yet, give it a whirl .It really is a great way to organize and edit photos.

Facebook App Proves A-List Bloggers Are Better Than You

Comparing Web Celebrities

I added the popular Facebook application Compare People for shits and giggles. The basic premise, for those unfamiliar, is you compare two friends on random questions that range from “who is more tech-savvy” to “who would you rather sleep with.” Every now and then Compare People will send out an e-mail showing random facts from your social graph.

One such e-mail (copied below) proved that A-List-Internet-Web-Celebs are way better at everything than you will ever be.

This email was sent by Compare People. You can disable emails here.

Highest ranked in each category

* “Who is funnier”
1. Jeff Macpherson
2. Leo Laporte
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

* “Who is more creative”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

* “Who would I rather be trapped on a desert island with”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Danielle Cohen

* “Who is more famous”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

* “Who is more popular”
1. Leo Laporte
2. Jeff Macpherson
3. Jason McCabe Calacanis

Thanks for crushing my inner-geekdom self confidence Compare People.

Who are these people?
Leo Laporte – Is the founder and Chief TWiT at where he runs many podcasts including This Week In Tech.
Jeff Macpherson – Otherwise known as Dr. Tiki, is part of the trio behind TikiBarTV, a comedy show based on cocktails.
Jason McCabe Calacanis – Founder of Weblogs Inc. and now Mahalo, the human powered search engine.

Best Facebook Graffiti Ever

Lots of people have added the Graffiti application on Facebook allowing friends to draw a picture on their wall. Most Graffiti drawings look like they were drawn by a gifted and talented ardvark but sometimes real gems emerge. Like this one below:

Not only is it well done technically but conceptually it is brilliant! It was drawn by Bing Han on my friend Todd Rickert‘s wall. Todd Rickert? Why does that name sound familiar? Oh yea, he was the Man in Hot Dog Suit with Cash.

Adobe Air Reaches 1.0, Twitter Clients Blossom

Adobe Air Logo
Adobe released it’s Air product today making it official and peeling off the cliche` beta title. Adobe Air allows developers to build desktop applications using web technologies like HTML for structure, CSS for presentation, and JavaScript for behavior. Flash and Flex, Adobe’s own web technologies, are also rolled up in the mix. Professional authoring tools like Flash CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3 saw updates today to allow development within the popular tools. Aptana also offers a free plugin for their open-source development tool Aptana Studio.

I have been playing with Air apps for the last couple of months while the product was still in beta. There are a lot of clever applications that are more like widgets then conventional full-blown desktop programs. For example, the Adobe sample app PixelPerfect was a simple ruler overlay letting you measure anything on your screen. This little tool comes in handy for web development where there aren’t any rulers on the side or measuring tools like in Photoshop. Powerhouse auction site eBay created their own Air app that banishes the concept of refreshing the page so bidders can watch their auctions in real time. But perhaps the biggest crowd of Air apps belongs to Twitter clients. Thwirl, Spaz, Tweetr, and Snitter are just a handful.

Snitter Next To Tweetr Couresy of Andy Piper

I thought John Ballinger had let his Twitter client, Tweetr, go to pasture without an update since the end of November. With each new Air beta release more functionality would break edging me towards Jonathan Snook’s Snitter. But alas, Tweetr is alive again with version 3.0 launching today to coincide with the official Air release. I’m happy as a clam to have my favorite Twitter client back and to see so many great ideas that have seemingly sprung out of Air.